Doug Ford just wants to get away from it all. Particularly from all those folks who have the nerve to refuse to immediately do what he asks.

Like the teachers and their unions who wouldn’t come to the bargaining table early so that his minions could bash them over the head.

Like the beer store workers who have been targeted because Doug wants to give his friends in the convenience store industry a new monopoly to sell beer on every street corner. Those aren’t Mom and Pop behind the counter, folks. They are major corporations who will be asked to attend Doug’s fundraisers once they receive their gift from the premier.

Like public service workers and their unions. Even before contracts expire for the public service, he and his government have launched a pre-emptive strike to table legislation that limits compensation and effectively ends bargaining for hundreds of thousands of workers in the province. His Treasury Board President, Peter Bethlenfalvy, said that “This is really good news for our public sector workers, because we are protecting jobs today. If we did not take this action, thousands of jobs could be at risk.”

But instead of waiting to hear what those supposedly grateful public service workers and their reps have to say about their plan, Doug Ford has closed up the legislature for five months and gone on a big fat vacation. That’s a two-month extension to previous legislative calendars and has left pundits and the public wondering what his real agenda might be.

Some people think he’s freeing up his MPPs to work for their federal counterparts in the up-coming federal election. Others think that maybe Andrew Scheer told him to go away for a while. But the smart money says that he’s taken his big fat vacation because his government is under the gun from protests by teachers, parents, students, seniors and now thousands of public sector workers who realize that the boss just gave them the shaft while heading back to the cottage for the summer.

They might be surprised when many of them show up, uninvited to their BBQs.

Stand Up. Fight Back. Don’t Give Up.



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