DOUG FORD FAILS TO DELIVER AGAIN. Ford and the Conservatives promised that people making minimum wage would be better off getting a tax break in place of a scheduled $1 per hour increase to the minimum wage. Now we find that’s not the case.

A study by the independent Financial Accountability Office (FAO) shows the typical minimum wage earner is about $400 worse off per year thanks to the Ford government’s move.

Min wage increased cancelled

Ford cancelled the $1 per hour increase to the minimum wage that was scheduled to happen on January 1 this year. That’s when the Progressive Conservatives brought in the Low-income Individuals and Families Tax Credit (LIFT.)

Some 1.3 million people would have seen an average increase in their take-home pay of $810 had the minimum wage risen to $15, according to the analysis by the FAO. They will get about half that with Ford’s deal—just $409 a year.

800,000 get nothing at all

In addition, the study finds that about 800,000 of Ontario’s minimum-wage workers get nothing from the LIFT credit because their earnings are below the threshold for paying any provincial income tax.


Stand Up. Fight Back. Don’t Give Up.



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